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We believe in competitively pricing jobs by leveraging our design capabilities and vendor relationships. Our goal is to design a system that is scalable and adaptable to your changing staff and technology needs.


We believe in bringing our depth of knowledge to your cable installation. Our core staff has over 50 years combined experience in dealing with just about any systems scenario or challenge. Our emphasis is on superior management and expert installation.


C&A building trust and confidence through our communication with clients. We don’t hesitate to be in immediate and  in regular contact with you—and promise to be timely and responsive.


We believe that you expect C&A employees to have positive attitudes. Our goal is to create a partnership based on professionalism, excellence, respect and ethics.


C&A adheres to all OSHA job-site safety standards. We believe in creating and maintaining a safe workplace for our clients and our employees.


We believe in one-to-one honest and open communication. We value our customer relationships and always work hard to maintain close ties.

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